Internet Mods

Find new Internet browsers... anytime.

Internet Mods

This is the main list of Internet browsers. Most browsers on the site are located here. Tell us on the guestbook if there's one you don't know about.

Internet Explorer

The Internet's standard on Windows. You won't have to download it because it's a feature of Windows.

Cube Network

Cube Network is a Scratch Internet browser.

NOTE: This Internet browser might become a regretted browser.


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the major browsers in this world. You can get it at


Kind of like Internet Explorer for Macs. All you have to do is get a Mac.

Google Chrome

This Internet browser comes from Google, the company that made that search engine you use. ( Also, when you open Google and you're not using Chrome, it will display a small pop-up recommending Chrome.


Probably the least popular of the 5 major modern browsers. It looks a-lot like Firefox, except it has a Turbo Mode and a lot of other things.


This was the first browser ever made on Earth. It really helped the Internet progress. Without it, you wouldn't have Internet until a couple years from now.