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Helping Kids

If you wanna help kids, then will like Internet Mods. It's really simple:

Way 1

Find a kid. Ask him/her if she wants another internet. If he/she said yes, tell them about Internet Mods. Go to your house and write down the link on a piece of paper to send to the kid. Send that paper to the kid. He/she will visit the link. She finds an internet. Done! If she downloaded an internet and the kid's internet is still real slow, then theres only 1 thing to do about it:

Way 2

Do the same as above.

If it didn't work, then this has to help. Send an operating system download to the kid's parents. The parents will have to download it. Make sure it's something like Windows 7. The parents will wanna download it for him/her. Done! If this does not work, do the following:

Way 3

Do the same as above.

If it didn't work, just send a Chromebook to the kid.